Elizabeth Olvera 

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Olvera, I am a Paralegal in California. I have over 17 years of experience working in the legal field. I’m qualified through education, training and work experience to assist attorneys and the public directly.

As an Immigration Consultant and Registered Legal Document Assistant, I assist public consumers representing themselves in legal matters by preparing the necessary legal documents and filing them at the court. At times, I also assist attorneys directly.

Please review the list of services that I offer and let me know how I can help you meet your legal objectives.

I am:

Elizabeth Olvera
Legal Document Assistant
Tel.(415) 985-7080

Se Habla Español.

I’m also a member of the following associations:


All legal services are provided as authorized by B&P Code 6450, et seq., B&P Code 6400, et seq., and/or B&P Code 22240, et seq.

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